L U D W I G ā€˜ S   G R I L L E   &   O Y S T E R   B A R
H O R S   Dā€™ O E U V R E   M E N U
The following is a list of appetizers that can be prepared for your upcoming event.
Prices are based on 25 pieces and are subject to 6% sales tax & 20% gratuity.

ROLLED SHRIMP & BACON  |  horseradish stuffed  |  lamaise sauce   90.
STUFFED MUSHROOM CAPS  |  Crab Imperial   75.
SHRIMP COCKTAIL  |  peppered cocktail sauce  90.
MINI CRAB CAKES  |  roasted red pepper coulis  70.
BEER BATTERD CHICKEN TENDERS  |  Thai peanut sauce  55.
BAKED RASPBERRY & BRIE  |  puff pastry wrapped  87.5
BRUSCHETTA  |  garlic toast  |  tomatoes  |  olive oil  |  garlic  |  basil  |  pecorino romano  35
MINI COCKTAIL FRANKS  |  Dijon mustard  65.
PANKO CRUSTED SHRIMP  |  mango sauce 75.
SPICY PORK EGG ROLLS  |  Japanese dressing 55.

A small tray serves up to 25 guests.  A large tray serves up to 50 guests.
Prices are subject to 6% state sales tax & 20% gratuity.
SMOKED PAPRIKA HUMMUS  | feta cheese |kalamata olives | cucumbers
roasted red peppers | pita bread

             Small 40.    Large 55.
FRESH VEGETABLE CRUDITE  | assorted vegetables | bleu cheese dress
             Small 40.    Large 55.

ROASTED VEGETABLE CRUDITE  |  olive oil  |  sea salt  |  cracked black pepper
    Small 50.    Large 65.


ā€‹   Small 50     Large 75

POACHED SALMON  sour cream, bell peppers, cucumber, red onion, capers

   Half 65    Whole 125   

BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS  celery, bleu cheese dipping sauce

   Small (30pc) 45    Large (50pc) 70


   Small 42.50   Large 85.00

RAW BAR   east coast selections, counts and pricing based on market

    Due to market trends, availability and price fluctuations, menu content and pricing are subject to change.